My Heart Is Refusing Me


Hey blog lovers today i went in the urban look as u can see. I worked with my great friend Alessio and i want to thank him for posing with me 🙂 We have some awsome goodies for you. First we have an awsome valley top from [Cynful] u can find them in different colors at  her store. Second we have a great face piercing from :Diamante: comes with a hud to change color. As third we have some awsome Delirium Style jeans that comes with a hud to change the textures. U can find them at the Urban Fair. Fourth some cool poses from PoseMe also available at the Urban Fair that starts April 1st. And last but not least some more goodies from the same fair. An awsome cap, watch and sneaker. To see what Alessio is wearing u can scroll down 🙂 Enjoy!

My Heart Is Refusing Me1

My Heart Is Refusing Me2

My Heart Is Refusing Me3

Shape: My own


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