LOTD 30: “Embrace Who You Are.”




This week has been a week of self discovery and self recognition. It was one of those weeks when I began to question everything I stood for, who my friends were and where I could place my trust. I am sure I am not the first to admit that sometime you can get caught in the moment where you mold yourself to fit with who and what others want you to be. If I want to be a damn unicorn cupcake princess, guess what? That’s what I am going to be and I just don’t care what others think. Sometimes I like dressing as if I have fallen out of a fairy tale story, others times as if I have just stumbled out of an alley in last night’s club-wear, but whatever it is I do, I am going to put less weight in the opinions of others.

Onwards to the newness!

Ever since I have come across LCKY I have bought every single hair that has been made. I am absolutely in love with the kawaii styles. the texturing of the hair, and the colors. And now she has released a new hud that allows you to have a shade on each side instead of one. So basically the combinations are endless! Rene was just release yesterday and already it has become a new favorite. There is a rigged and unrigged version in the folder, but unfortunately I couldn’t get them to fit my lolas. Nevermind that, this hair is fit for a princess and perfect for a crown.

Epic has released some cuteness for this year’s 6th Annual Fantasy Faire. The dress and wings are so absolutely gorgeous! The dress comes in several different shades of loveliness with lola options as well. The wings are resizable so that you can fit them to your avi as well. Please be sure to visit the Fantasy Faire as it spans 11 sims of talented creators who have worked hard to bring you must needed items for any fantasy rp you want!



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