Indyra Originals for CSR

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Indyra Originals for CSR

Indyra Originals has an absolutely gorgeous gown available as their item for the current round of Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Back some weeks ago, the dress was actually available for one day to store group members. Guess what? If you missed it and love how it looks, now is your chance to finally have it! For 70L, this is a great investment. The flower decoration can be removed, so if floral isn’t your thing, then no problem! With or without the flower, it’s truly a lovely dress and floor-length too. It’s perfect for an early evening swanky affair.

Lunara from Truth Hair just came out last week and it’s a perfect sultry match for this gown. I’m always drawn to shorter or one-shoulder styles because as a blogger, I feel those types allow me to better show-off clothing. Of course, in my off-time (which is rare) I enjoy wearing longer styles.

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