Marsha, Marsha, Where’s Alice?

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1 Marsha, Marsha, Where's Alice

Amazingly, I got another chance to do a shoot with Rwah last night. This time I was only supposed to be the model; I had no plans to actually take photos, having given up on that earlier when my creativity took flight. But Rwah is such a wizard at setting scenes that I couldn’t help but snap off a single shot.

Yep, you read that right – this is the only photo I took. As I explained to Rwah, “Peep Pictaking 101” is to take 20 or more shots using different Windlight settings and hoping for the best. Imagine my surprise when I took a look at this photo and decided it wasn’t half bad.

Perhaps some of Rwah’s magic is rubbing off on me; I have never before been happy enough with a single shot to publish it. A quick tweak to give it a faded Polaroid feel and…

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 Would it not be nice to be a kid a again? Maybe not for long, but just for a moment. To play at the playground and forget all about time and place? To me it sounds like a perfect brake in out busy every day rush….


1005d 3

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Purple Infatuation

I absolutely love this purple dress.  Everything from the deep open back to the fur boa I added to the long train is perfect.  Of course no outfit is complete without pearls.  These pearls just happen to hang down my back in the opening of the dress.  As you will notice I did more than my normal two pictures because two pictures would not do this dress justice.  I can’t wait to go dancing in this dress.  What can I say I am in love.


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