Marsha, Marsha, Where’s Alice?

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Pics by Peep

1 Marsha, Marsha, Where's Alice

Amazingly, I got another chance to do a shoot with Rwah last night. This time I was only supposed to be the model; I had no plans to actually take photos, having given up on that earlier when my creativity took flight. But Rwah is such a wizard at setting scenes that I couldn’t help but snap off a single shot.

Yep, you read that right – this is the only photo I took. As I explained to Rwah, “Peep Pictaking 101” is to take 20 or more shots using different Windlight settings and hoping for the best. Imagine my surprise when I took a look at this photo and decided it wasn’t half bad.

Perhaps some of Rwah’s magic is rubbing off on me; I have never before been happy enough with a single shot to publish it. A quick tweak to give it a faded Polaroid feel and…

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