Flashback 1950s

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Flashback 1950s

The weather is changing where I live. It’s like we skipped to summer, which makes the top I’m wearing today all that more relevant. I wanted to show the two cute items I got at C88 this round and also talk about my newest BIG purchase – the WowMeh mesh body.

The top is called Bardot from Tres Blah and you will find it in four patterns. The cherries are so classically 1950s, or at least the way it’s portrayed nowadays. My grandmother would probably say cherries were too risque back then. The hair is Thelma from Truth, not to be confused with a similar hairstyle from Clawtooth (which is also gorgeous). There is a bow option, but that doesn’t fit with my style at the moment, so I chose to wear it without. Either way looks great and I’m so happy there’s an option.

The WowMeh body… What can…

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