The Girl In The Hat

A beautiful new release for JfL Hats. Click into my post for full details.

Pics by Peep

1 The Girl In The Hat

There is just something about a girl in a hat. She may be an ordinary girl with doubts about herself, but when she puts on a hat, she changes. Whether it is a beret, a wide-brimmed sun hat or a fedora, when she places it carefully atop her head something magical happens. It is as if a prince has crowned her with a tiara. She is more confident, whimsical and proud. She transforms from a wallflower to the belle of the ball. All eyes turn to her as she enters a room, a lovely centrepiece to be admired.

She is simply perfection, this girl in the hat.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Top: *LACUNA* Satine Halterneck – Lemon by LacunaInc (available at My Attic May 2014)
Skirt: *LACUNA* Two Tone Wiggle Skirt – S – White by LacunaInc (available at My Attic May 2014)
*Hat: JfL Hats asymmetrical fedora hat…

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Pastel Happiness

I am in a pastel happiness mode.  I love spring and the colors that it brings.  Today was one of the first days of rl warm weather we have had in a while.  Spring times turns into summer and the clothing changes even more.  Colors of spring are happy, light and airy.


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Never @ bride

The first 30 min she believed he was teasing her, and in the tiny room behind the chapel she was laughing. After an hour she started to get worried, maybe he was hurt, maybe his car had crashed. But when she, after 3 hours of waiting at the wedding chapel, heard that he had run away with someone else – she turns around, grabbles the dagger and cut out her own heart. Now she will forever be waiting for him when the fog set in, her fingers wiggling in the bloody gloves waiting to rip his heart out like he did hers – cause she will never be his bride…….


2305dusty closex

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Throne for the taking

Amity Style

With everything going on in RL and SL, it’s a surprise to me that I have time to blog today! As I posted earlier on tumblr, Fifty Linden Friday = Broke Saturday. For me, anyway. I grabbed several items, all of which I love (check out the and Pure Poison items), but the one in particular I wanted to feature was Junbug’s Instant Crush. The cuff and neckline detailing is beautiful, and the draping of the dress falls particularly nicely on my slender frame. This will look great on everyone, of that I’m confident. To add a modern twist to what the medieval styling, I’m wearing the Valeria jewelry set from Finesmith. It’s very sci-fi and dramatic, but also perfect for a formal occasion. This post was the perfect excuse for me to show-off the Legacy Banners from Sweet Poison. My favorite houses are Stark, Targaryen and Tyrell, the…

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Go Team Sponsors.

The Dolls go sponsor today with new items available in store. Mien poses is having a 25/25 sales event where there is a pose pack available for 25 hours starting on the 25th.

Marsha Mello

Hair – Magika – Shade – 03
Skin – Glam Affair – Aria – Artic – 07
Lolas Tango
Phat Azz
SLink Hands & Feet
Eyes – [Buzz] – Ardent Eyes – Ice – Kustom 9

Top – BOOB-LISH – Bikini Top – Mystic
Shorts – M-NUS – Ripped Leggings – V2
Shoes – Slink – Leather Leopard – Group gift

Pose – .mien. – [Timid] – 25/25 Event – On Sale the 25th for 25 Hours

Carrie Mel

Hair – Ploom. – Celeste – Blondes
Skin – Pink Acid – Trinity – Peach
Lolas Tango
Cute Azz
SLink Hands and Feet
Eyes – [Buzz] Ardent Eyes – Angel – Kustom 9

Outfit – Lushish Catz – Cross – Dangerous Curves Hunt
Socks – M-NUS – Long & Short Socks – Black
Shoes – KoiKoi – Infini Patent – May 21Shoe Event

Uprising ❤

Uprising - for blogLEFT Annytka Resident:
Dress: Salomao OVH NEW*
Сloak: Unisex OVH NEW*

Hair: Karina [Due]

Onion: Ker
Headdress: .Luminary. Tatania Headdress  We ❤ Role-Play! NEW*

RIGHT Sniganna Dannitza:
Dress: Salomao OVH NEW*
Сloak: Unisex OVH NEW*

Hair: Kirsten [Due] NEW*
Eyes: Anna INSITU NEW*

Corolla: =Zenith=  Grape leafs corolla FaMESHed NEW*
Necklace & Ring: =Zenith=  Earth stone butterfly FaMESHed NEW*
Staff: [The Forge] Aura Staff Common (Silver) EZ Weaponry & The Forge NEW*