Lush By CoCo @ PENUMBRA Fashion Week S/S 2014

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Every once in a while Xi Zane, designer for Lush By CoCo, throws me a bone to keep me busy blogging.  LOL Well, really, she very nicely sends me her designs and when I get the chance, I blog them.  Xi has always had a knack for color and textures and the outfits from Lush By CoCo that await you at Penumbra’s Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2014 are no exception.  A testament to this fact was when I went shopping quickly last night after I had taken the pics for this blog post.  A young lady IM’d me and asked where she could buy the dress I was wearing and it broke my heart to have to tell her it wasn’t released yet.  I did give her all the details for the fashion show, etc. and in a few days she can have the dress for her very own as…

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