Oh ple@se Aphrodite

The night seems longer than ever, almost like time forgot to keep going. She looks out from the garden behind her fathers house, trying not to think about what is going on in there, but she knows all too well and her nerves feels like had they been let free in the middle of a storm. They had met one another so often, planned small secret meetings even, and this, this was the night where he was to ask her father if he was to let courting her. “Oh please Aphrodite, I beg of you a favor, let my father be of a kind mind and let him answer yes” she whispers as she looks to the sky of the night over her head. Fast she turns around, holding her breath, when she hears the door open behind her. Would they come two or would her father come alone….

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Scar's Closet


When you were a kid and school was out did you ever sit on the floor and dump all your legos on the ground and just build? I grew up where you could only be outside in the heat for so long, so I spent lots of time sitting on the floor in the living room playing with my legos. I remember when I was a kid and the Little Mermaid had just came out..I built the most amazing ocean scene with a boat and a “mermaid” (they didn’t have cute little lego men yet…only ugly ones lol), it was so much fun! Well, our Queen Geek has made me yet again wish I was kid, or that there was a lego store near by, so that I can play play play!

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We L!KE to Hunt

Marsha Mello

Hair – [RA] – Lock and Roll Hair – Sun and Fun Hunt – Free
Skin – Glam Affair – Livy Skin – Artic 03 – The Arcade
Cute Azz
SLink Hands & Feet
Eyes – [Buzz] – Ardent Eyes – Ice – Kustom 9

Feet – [K] – Leopard Tattoo

Dress – Alterego – I Party Favors Dress – Sun and Fun Hunt – Free
Shoes – Busty Boutique – Risk Heels – Teal

Carrie Mel

Hair – Truth Hair – Sakura – Light Blondes – The Acrade
Skin – Glam Affair – Liv – Artic – 03 – The Arcade
Lolas Tango
Cute Azz
SLink Hands and Feet
Eyes – [Buzz] Ardent Eyes – Angel

Dress & Tattoo – [Formis Designe] – Bonnie White – L!KE Sales Room
Shoes – Busty Boutique – Risk Heels – Black