B@vnehøj fire

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Sleepy she walked over the bridge from the edge of the bavnehøj to the lower part of the camp. The light from her lantern made her lower her head to block the light from blinding her. She didnt know why all the bavnehøje was on fire, but it meant troubles was on its way. Maybe it was that damn Swedish clan again, trying to take over there kingdom or maybe the English came to kick back from all they had taken from them. She didnt know, but this early morning with the fog clinging to her leg as a moist towel she could not care less, all she wanted was to be in bed and dream about warm summer days…

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For more info -> http://theworldofba.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/bvnehoj-fire/

The Clearest Way into the Universe is Through a Forest

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