Party Time @ SL11B!

Harmony Sandalphon

Another year older, Second Life is celebrating it’s 11th Birthday and there are eleven fantastic sims bursting with awesome things to do and see! After covering the celebrations for the 10th birthday last year, I was honoured to be allowed back for an early access press tour!

The event opened it’s doors to the public yesterday and I’m super excited to return and scope out more amazing exhibits for you, but here are some must-see landmark places I grabbed the goss’ on!

Although maybe lacking in quality due to quick snapping, these photos are raw, in-world shots and best viewed larger by clicking through.

SL11B Press Tour
Time Capsule with Welcome Area behind.

First up is the Time Capsule and Welcome Area just behind it. The Welcome area was designed by Donpatchy (donpatchy.dagostino), a long time builder for public spaces at SLB events. There is much to explore here and you have access…

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