No° 232 – Cake sharing

The 9 tailed Fox

Cake sharingOhayo lovelys ^^
Today i show you the first little sneak peak for the upcoming Manga Fair *~*
I’m so excited about what all the designers will make for it.
So Manga Fair is coming closer.
Only 5 days left until it opens the gates to everybody and my hairs are the first item i want to show you for it.
RunAway did such a great job with this Belldandy inspired hairs that i just wanted to blog them right away when i got them*~*

Also i want to talk about my cute strawberry dressfrom Pantsu*Hunter for “25  for 25” and will be 50% off only for today so you should hurry up to get dressed in strawberrys. You can choose between pink white and blue so get over there and have a look. Amai is also participating so you can find some cute horns there too. 😉
Happy shopping

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