Ghee Featuring Their Fantastic VIP Group Gift!!!!


Ghee has released the VIP Group Gift called the Blossom Contrast Set. This is an all Mesh outfit and includes 5 sizes for both the top and bottoms….Thats not all!!! This spectacular VIP Group Gift includes these amazing shoes made for Slink Medium feet.

Do you see how their is a bikini under the outfit? Yeah…that is cleverly all part of the top and bottom. There is no need to put on several layers and mess with stuff…it’s just perfect the first try.

Ghee is well known for their beautiful and vibrant textures and this outfit represents their amazing palette perfectly. I feel like I am wearing a gorgeous water color painting made into a very comfortable outfit that I can wear shopping, out to lunch or to a Summer party. I really love it. If you aren’t part of the group now would be an excellent time to join so that you can add this lovely yet very versatile outfit to your closet.



Ghee Blossom Contrast Set (VIP Gift that includes shoes made for Slink Med Mesh Feet)

[geek.] Blueberry Geek Ponytail in Reds (Currently at the Hair Fair)

VCO  Art Deco Bag Color2 (Currently at The Seasons Story)



Feelin’ Dough-Nutty

Harmony Sandalphon

Phew! The weather in the UK is gorgeous (I know right, what sorcery is this?!). I hope everyone else is having an awesome summer 🙂

Feelin' Dough-Nutty

I’ve spent my day off making the most of the sun, relaxing in my garden, wishing I was sunning in a pool. A pool filled with doughnuts, actually.
If you enjoy the cute, the quirky and the down right yummy then you’ll love Atelier Kreslo’s Donut Festival! The event runs until July 27th, a small collection of designers have all created their dream doughnuts, from sweet and simple to the tasty and extravagant. Above I’m snacking on -Pixicat- & [Tala Laval]‘s contributions, some of my personal favourites!

Have you been to check out Save The Date yet? A fabulous bi-monthly event that will cycle through different concepts such as exclusives, gacha, hunts and all that good stuff! My bikini top is part of an…

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