Missed a few things for July so we shall call these new releases which should be in the mainstores soon if they aren’t already.  Since I had two pretty simple looks I’m just going to shove them both into this post then I’m finally caught up and officially into August!

Photo taken @ Dawn of Radiance

Mask+HoodGeek(under construction)  Wolf Princess Pak – black *New Release* (color refers to hood, mask is always red/wood)  Hood and mask attach separately for better fitting.  If you have no idea where this comes from go watch Princess Mononoke and all the other Studio Ghibli movies while you’re at it.

Skin – no longer available (worn in both photos)

TattooHoD  Sanvean Body Paints – black  This is up on the second floor and the layout is a bit confusing so stare at it awhile and make sure you’re…

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