The Memories Fade With Each Passing Day

Ello again Me lil Loves!

First of all, I wanna take a second to introduce Babbling Brooks newest sponsor. . . please welcome Zoz to the blog!
*Applause Applause*
I’m super happy to have been invited to the Zoz blogger team, as Zoz is THE place for Slink Manicures/Pedicures and accessories. As you will see in this and coming posts their textures and shine for mani’s & pedi’s is honestly second to none, so a HUGE thank you to Zoz for the invite!

Now, onto the post!..
As you may have heard, The Black Fair has opened its doors (Its event heaven right now, right?) and {Vision} – S&F have sexeh lil ruffled skirts and top outfits out exclusively for the event. The outfits come in 3 prints and even include the shoes, which are for the slink high foot.

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