RD Style Has You Covered For Only 60L!


Alight…so here is what I love about RD Style…You get a super cute outfit and Slink made shoes to match and it’s all included in one great price. This outfit is really adorable and the shoes make it definitely something I will wear again. Gotta catch this one this weekend because on Monday that price will no longer be 60L…so hustle on over there!




RD Style Flowers Outfit (Part of the 60L Weekend Sale)

Mr. Poet Leather Backpack (Color change menu)

M.Birdie Moni Glasses A

[MANDALA] Billionaire Watch (Currently at Collabor88)

Analog Dog 42 in Dark Browns


August 2014 round – Previews

The Fantasy Collective

Check out these previews of the incredible items available starting 20th August! (nb: previews added daily – be sure to check back often.)

TFC also has a new home, so be sure to delete any old landmarks you have stored.  The new event location has been chosen and the build is almost complete!

August’s theme is all things New Orleans!  Think Witchcraft, Voodoo, Vampire’s, French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Papa Guédé, All Saints Day, ‘The Originals’.

Stay tuned for previews and the new event location/SLURL.

[Stitched] Glitter Flats AD[Stitched] Alys Flats AD


Frogstar - Swampland Shanty PosterHarm's Way Bayou Baron in gold ad

Kalopsia - Take Five Jazz Set



Isabella - CreamIsabella - Green

Isabella - RedIsabella - Sea

Isabella - Silver

French Quarter Priestess Fitmesh Set Ad-TFC 8-14

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Ghee’s Summer Sunset Gown At The Fashion Collective


Ghee’s Summer Sunset Gown is a radiant beauty! You can find this Mesh gown at a great price at The Fashion Collective.  There are also equally as stunning matching heels, nails for fingers and toes and lovely jewelry that make this magnificent ensemble complete!




Ghee Summer Sunset Gown (Currently at a great price at The Fashion Collective)

Ghee Summer Sunset Shoes (Slink High Mesh Feet Required.  These heels are also at The Fashion Collective)

L’Atelier Sad’s Jewels Fleur du Mal Couture

[sYs] Lio Hair in Ocean

Zibska Herve Indigo Eyeshadow



Scar's Closet


Well, I normally do not post a paragraph of anything when I post but I decided that because I did something special this round I would take the time to say a few things. First off I would like to thank my friends and sponsors who have supported me in my venture as blogger. I am having so much fun, even if I fall a little behind! I work hard to make sure I get at least 5 blogs done a week, sometimes I fall a little short, but I want to make sure I am making enough posts to show and promote the very sponsors who so willingly give their items, and even some amazing designers who don’t. This week a great item was put out by Spellbound and I KNEW I wanted to have it blogged. I am a little vain and didn’t want to wear it myself…

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