Titles and Crowns

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It’s that time of year again when the MV♛ “Misses” are walking amongst us wearing their tags and soon, crown. I think maybe I’ve had a fleeting moment in my 4 year SL modeling career when I would have liked to have had a title or a crown but it was certainly short-lived.  While it would have been nice to be known for something, I mostly wanted to be known for my various talents and abilities rather than my beauty – or lack thereof.  I think I’ve fulfilled my own personal goal but I suppose those who want a crown or title so badly can’t possibly understand my lack of desire to want, or need, one.  To them I say, touche.

In honor of all the new 2015 Misses, I wear a crown to celebrate them and their upcoming challenges.  Remember that this contest is a stepping stone in…

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