No° 281 – Dreamkeeper

The 9 tailed Fox

DreamkeeperOhayooo ^^
New month many new events, today i have news from The Gathering ( Oct.1st-15th) for you.
Sweet things made an awsome Jewlery Set for this round called called the Dreamkeeper which comes with Armlets, Braclets, Necklace, Headpice and a pretty Staff in 3 different colorstyles (gold, spirit & nightmare). The other item from the Gatherin i want to show you today is the tird eye headchains that pekka made for this round.  She also made a matching necklace but i thought for my post this fits like it is the eye which allowes me to watch over the dreams  *smile*
What else i new today so i have shoes that REIGN released for this round of N21 and new Hairs from Lcky.
Happy shopping
Hugs & Kisses Ask :*

Ears – =Kio= Sirens Ears Half Hearted
Horns – .Sweet Thing. Spirit Dreamkeeper Headpiece – New @ The Gathering

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