At Shadow’s house

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Yesterday my dear friend and talented blogger ant photographer Shadow, called me to show me his deco talent, he is such a cute person, that he keep saying that he is learning, and need some fixes, but the place is simply wonderful. His house is amazing! We also met our favorite sl it girl ever, Annan Adored, and we had fun talking in portuguese ( and shadow creating new portuguese words), we danced, we made confessions (no, I’m kidding) and talked about good stuff, and photos. Thank you its always pleasure to have fun with you guys ❤

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Now, I’m back! And graduated in rl, ppl can call me a Fashion Designer *-*!!! Are you guys ready for today’s look? Don’t miss a post, I’m going to talk about trends and events in the nexts posts, you ask and I answer!



HAIR:   Truth


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