Endless like you


TAG! Gacha(click link for more info) started up a few days ago which was fun and laggy when I ran through it.  There is a HUD that needs to be activated at Gachatopia and it will teleport you to all 50 locations, but tagging all those locations only comes into play if you get a mystery rare coupon out of one of the machines.

DON’T PANIC! also opened a few days ago.  It’s the latest Halloween game/ hunt by the people at Pulse, and yes I’ve done these every year since I’ve been on SL, I LOVE them!  You definitely need to run through more than once, the first time for the game/story and the second time just to make sure you found all the prizes.


Photos taken @ Fallen’s Haunting

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

HornsC.C. Kre-ations @ Body Mod  {Faded} horns (II)  Available in 3 color packs each containing 6…

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