Making preparations


Halloween is almost here!  I’ve been sharpening my blades and wandering the neighborhood all night. (Are your doors locked btw?)  I do have a lot to do so I maaaaaybe got an early start, but we won’t talk about that right now.  I did find this oh so wonderful dress/apron in my notices from Go! that speaks volumes to anyone silly enough to cam me, and for those of you a little squeamish there is a clean version included..  There is a male version available, but it looks pretty much the same, just made bigger I suppose.


Photos taken @ Fallen’s Haunting

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Bow + CollarSU!  Scylla Bow Headband + Minerva Chain Collar  Both are group gifts and include HUDs for changing colors and metals.  Group is $300 to join and there’s a room full of gifts upstairs.

HairAyashi @ Body Mod  Michi –…

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