No° 232 – Little Creeper

The 9 tailed Fox

little creeper

Ohayo lovelys,
sorry that i’ve been so absend in the last week, but my RL is very busy at least.
Today i have some news and a little sneak peak for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival round which starts on the 4th of November.
I also want to show you these awsome new shoes Cerberus Xing just released for the new round of Uber which started yesterday. My hairs are one of the releases from RunAway for the Halloween Fair which still goes on until the 7th of November so hurry over there to get great Halloween stuff. ^^ So today is the first time i try to release a post via ipad since i won’t found the time to post this morning before i had to leave the house, so hopefully this will went well.
I hope you are still there and follow my blog even if i was…

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