Finding Whimsy


I am of the firm belief that everyone needs a little whimsy in their life at some point, sometimes it just happens when it’s most needed, but other times we have to go looking and digging because that’s just how jaded we’ve become.  Whimsy is one of the reasons I wanted to blog for Cirque de Seraphim, I mean if you can’t enjoy the circus what kind of person are you?  The second reason is that a lot of this money will be going to the ASPCA and if you’re looking for some good karma what better way than helping poor lil’ defenseless animals?  So, on the 6th grab those lindens, prepare for lag, and head on over to the greatest show on SL!

CdS_Legal Insanity_Figure_Kokolores

Photos taken @ Little Town

HEAD: Hair/Skin/etc.

Hair + Makeup + Poses/Balloons(sold separately) – Kokolores @ Cirque de Seraphim  Serendipity – b&w pack/  

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