Deceitful Innocence

Deceitful Innocence, what a wonderful store name, conjures so many images in the mind.  And then when I unpacked the box the image was complete and I was delighted to get to put together a rather “Lolita-esque” ensemble!  The “Arctic Cutie Coat” is currently an EXCLUSIVE at Arctic Blast, from SL Vogue.  The fit on this dress is absolutely perfect, with no breaking in any of my posing, which of course is always a plus in my book!  The 1950’sish Powder Blue Coat with Lace and Frills is expertly detailed with an attention to great detail in the textures.  But, the name of the store inspired the rest of the ensemble.
I just HAD to pull out these FANTASTIC boots I picked up at Frozzen, from Shey.  The fit is amazing on these boots for Slink High feet, and the HUD is just INSANE!  I am pretty sure I counted at least 30 different color combinations and I haven’t been this happy with a personal purchase in a very long time!  So hurry on over and grab your own!    Did you SEE those adorable butterflies?!  Alchemist has a Gacha at Arctic Blast so make sure to drop by, because these butterflies are truly a gorgeous creation.  They come in 2 varieties, Fractal and non, with the Fractal pictured here.  Arctic Blast runs from TODAY until the first week in January, so don’t wait too long or you will miss out!  And to top the whole thing off the delicately detailed, but stunning “Angelica” skin, from Glam Affair and one of my all time favorite hairs from Truth from the September round of The Arcade!  This is the Rare Sushi version, obviously MINUS the Sushi and Sakura flowers.  If you happen upon this hair at a yardsale, grab one!
Coat – Deceitful Innocence – Arctic Cutie @ Arctic Blast
Boots – Shey – Sensation – High Slink @ Frozzen
Earrings – LazuriClassic Pearls – Large Studs
Butterflies – Alchemist – Fractals @ Arctic Blast in a Gacha 

Shape – Mine
Skin – Glam AffairAngelica V2 – Asia
Eyes – IKONHope – Apex
Eyelashes – Gaeline Felicia
Teeth and Tongue with Piercing – DeeTaleZ
Hands and Feet – Slink
Hair – TruthSakura – Sushi – Rare (Old Gacha item)
Nails – ElationChilly – Slink Applier
Hope you had a wonderfully wicked weekend and remember to always stay true to YOUR style!

Catching Snowflakes

Happy Tuesday everyone, I have some wonderful news to share with you all today!  I have been chosen as one of the 10 new bloggers for Catwa, and I couldn’t be happier!  So of course I just had to bring you a fantastic new outfit exclusive at Vogue’s Arctic Blast, from YumZ and one of  Catwa’s newest releases, Cara!  The hair comes in two styles; with and without the Beanie and it is just adorable for the Winter season and year round once you take off the Beanie and place it on a hook.  Hurry on over to the store and pick up your newest goodies from Catwa!

Sweater – YumZ – Double Top Sweaters – 16 Texture HUD @ Vogue’s Arctic Blast
Jeans – Loordes of London – Pavia in Teal @ Vogue’s Arctic Blast
Boots – YumZ – Ugg ShortCamel @ Vogue’s Arctic Blast
Rings – 7mad;Ravens Noble and Virtue
Hair – CatwaCara Beanie NEW RELEASE!!

Wandering at Nordan om Jordan again for my snowy pics I stumbled upon the wonderful Storytime stump from Vespertine and just had to take a few shots!  Inspired by the beanie, I rummaged through my goodies from YumZ and paired up the double sweater set, with Loordes of London’s Pavia jeans, all exclusives currently at Vogue’s Arctic Blast!  The Double Sweater comes with a 16 color HUD making it incredibly versatile and a MUST for everyone’s closet this winter.  The jeans are a great mesh  with wonderful attention to detail and the jeans comes in a variety of bright colors for this chilly, sometimes dreary time of the year.  YumZ has also released short Ugg Boots for Arctic Blast as well in matching colors to the sweaters, which is AWESOME!  Hurry on over and put together your favorite color combinations of just buy them all!

Shape – Mine
Skin – DeeTaleZBabette – Chocolate Crumbles
Lashes – GaelineFelicia
Liner – GaelineV1 Black
Eyes – IKONHope – Silverleaf
Hands and Feet – Slink
Nails – ElationChilly

I know there are all kinds of events going on around the grid right now and that it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to shop or remember where to find something; just remember to breathe and check out previews and blogs about the events so you have an idea before hand.  And, some events don’t require Creators to put out anything new, so sometimes it can be better to check out a new event or store to get the newest releases!  Hurry on over to Vogue’s Arctic Blast for NEW and EXCLUSIVE releases inspired by the chilly, cold of Winter!

Have a wonderfully wicked day and remember to stay true to your style!

Feeling Glamorous

Ever have one of those moments when you put something on and suddenly you are transported somewhere else?  Whether it be in time or to an event?  When I slipped on the brand new “Marisol” dress from Bomshie, exclusively at Vogue’s Arctic Blast, I was transported back to a more glamorous time.  Pick an era, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s or today and this ensemble would fit in perfectly!

The very classic feel of this dress, paired with Bougie’s LisaKeo shoes, also a new and exclusive release at Arctic Blast, makes for fun accessorizing, as you can keep it modern or take it back a little.  Which, I decided to do a bit of both!  If you follow my blog, I rarely wear appliers, other than my Slink hands and feet, but I just thought this dress looked even more amazing when I put my Lolas on!  Makes for a hell of a profile to the dress, wouldn’t you agree?
Dress – Bomshie – Marisol @ Arctic Blast
Shoes – Bougie – LisaKeo Redbottoms @ Arctic Blast
Necklace and Bracelets – GizzAChained Treasures
Rings – ZenithGeometry and Geometry Stone
Hair – CatwaMiss Fortune
Fur – Vive Nine RyvolterMink Princess Stole

Having picked up the stole for an earlier photo shoot, I decided it would go quite nicely with this dress and I just LOVE how the whole thing turned out.  Did you see that GORGEOUS hair from Catwa?!  The vintage-esque sweeping long hair frames the face quite nicely and lies perfectly down the back giving a wonderfully, smooth, long line.  Whether dressing up or dressing down, the “Miss Fortune” hair is a must have for everyone’s closet!

Shape – Mine
Skin – PoudreMelody Fashion Purple – Group Gift!!
Eyes – IKONHope – Glass
Hands and Feet – Slink
Nails – ElationChilly

Once again, Ambra Hoxley of Poudre has put out a spectacular group gift with this skin!  The “Melody Fashion – Purple” is wonderfully detailed with smokey purple eyeshadow and brilliant amethyst lips which make it a perfect skin for this Holiday season filled with all of its jewel tones; so hurry on over and join the group to get your hands on this skin!!  I hope you have been inspired and head on out to do some shopping for yourself!

Have a wonderfully wicked day and remember to always stay true to YOUR style!

No°240 – Celestial

The 9 tailed Fox

CelestialOhayooo lovelys
sorry again for being so absend, but rl still keeps me busy so i hardly could manage to get online for anything, but here i am and i have a bunch of news for you.
A new round of collabor 88 started and Glam Affair uses it to release a new pretty pale skin tone called Polar and i’m totally in love with it *~*
Polar is a bit cooler than the Artic tone and matches perfectly for the winter.
I decided to show you all make ups with this post because of the lag of time i’m in at the moment.
I would be lucky to get a bit feedback if you like to see a chart for all make ups in my posts and also if you like the design i use for it.
Sweet Thing released another stunning accessoirs set for the running Arcade Gacha…

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