*[Pipit]* Subscribo Freebie, Happy Holidays!

NOTE: This is a SLINK applier, therefore you need to own the Slink feet or hands to use it. 

New subscribers’ gift in Pipit store. ^_^ If you’re an existing subscriber, it will be delivered to you the next time you log in. If you missed it, just TP to the store and grab it from the kiosk.

Not a subscriber? No problem! Subscriber is free to join and will not take up an SL group space. \o/ As soon as you subscribe, you can click on the board to receive it.

Sorry about the emptiness of the store atm, I’m working on getting it revamped and refilled in 2015!

Have a safe and happy holidays, my lovelies. Thank you so much for your support!

++TP to Pipit!++