Maybe a Bit Mad…

Cross Post From @Melroo’s Place

My name is Marie Alice Dumont, but my friends calls me Maddy. They do this because in their rational world they thought it would be funny to take my initials, M.A.D. and twist it to some cute endearment and probably the fact that they considered me a little bit unhinged. I explain to them it was just one incident.. everyone is allowed an incident, right? One?..oh…come on… just one is fine.

But all that is irrelevant to my tale this fine day. Well perhaps not so irrelevant considering my incident. But because of the incident I had decided I would be the one to discover  answer to the question no one would answer for me.

Because of the lack of the answer, I made my decision and slipped slowly out of my house, quietly, stealthily as my devoted care takers slumbered save in their warm comfy bed.

Would they be alarmed when they awoke.. probably, most likely…yes they will be. But I felt I could retain my facilities and manage the journey on own.

I mean what would happen.. could happen.. unless…..there were really polar bears!

Omg! Polar Bears!

Perhaps… just perhaps.. they are right…. I should head home.

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