Tis the season to be jolly… fa..la..la….

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Tonight I have a little tale inspired by some goodies found at Gothmas by Gaslight. Gothmas is a two sim Holiday Shopping and Gacha Festival, that runs till  January 3rd. There are over 65 designers who have set up booths with some amazing items on sale. Read more on this unique holiday celebration event at the official Gothmas site.

“It is the season to be jolly,” my mother scolded me as stood standing in front of her the misery fresh on my face. “This bauble is your love for him, hang it as you would of him, out for all to see” Her words scorched as she reminded me of my shame. My hand trembled as I clutched the ornament she pressed into my hand. It’s redness a mockery of the anger I was feeling.

Turning I flee from the room unable to face the scorn in her eyes. My eyes watered as I stand in the snow looking up at the bright red bauble glittering in the faint moonlight as the snow drifted down. The beauty of the bauble, reflecting back my mothers words as my thoughts play over how I foolishly chose him over my family and my reputation, only to have him leave.

I shall destroy this bauble, as was done to me. My hopes and dreams, foolish trust of a star-eye child. I hiss as i raise my hand, the precious bauble braced between trembling fingers. Sighing my soul aching for happiness once more. My world pauses, the pain paralyzing me. Oh if only I could erase his betrayal.

In this moment of hesitation a small thought surfaces. If I erase my this precious bauble and what it means, what would happen to the me, that is me?


Deluxe Body Factory –  Jahne Doe Skin, Blood Letters Adult Hunt In November 2013

✫ Pink Fuel, Alyx (modified). 500L

Pin Me Down, Mesh Eyes, Aeternium #11, 100L @Gothmas by Gaslight Festival till Jan 3

Beautiful Freak, Dead of Winter Manicure, 125L @Gothmas by Gaslight Festival till Jan 3

✫ Beautiful Freak, Bitter Winter Makeovers, 250L @Gothmas by Gaslight Festival till Jan 3

@->~ISD, Winter’s Dream hair, Nightwalker 275L @Gothmas by Gaslight Festival till Jan 3


ImmateriA – Grey View Ensemble, 250L, @Gothmas by Gaslight Festival till Jan 3


✫ {Rook} Nice…or Naughty Gift, 125L @Gothmas by Gaslight Festival till Jan 3

✫ Photo Location: Zen Creations, Island of Zen

Gothmas by Gaslight Sims: