I Shall Call Him Squishy

Helloooooo Babies ❤

Yaaaay! Friday is here!! And its gin o’clock! \o/
(Here in the UK it is anyway!!)

So that’s the good news – but now the bad news . . . . .

The gorgeous Emmikins from [QE] has decided to bid us a fond farewell *sadface*, but before she does, she is in this months round of TBS. Her very final (Sobs) releases are cute and snuggly sweaters, and jeans in sweet and sugary colours. The sweaters are mesh, and include applier for Tango boobs. The jeans include cuffs (yay!) and appliers for Omega, TMP and Slink.
I’m genuinely sad to see another of my fave designers leaving the often cut throat and very cliquey business of SL Creating, but wish Emms the very bestest, and hope one day she decides to come back, and kick the grids ass with her talents once again.
We will miss you Emmikins ❤


I Shall Call Him Squishy - Full

I Shall CAll Him Squishy

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