What’s Behind Curtain Number 1?

The  woman looks nervously at the camera off to the side of the curtain, then looks away from it down at her hair as her fingers absently twists at the long locks. “When I was a little girl growing up, playing with my dolls, living a happy life… you know, the apple of my daddy’s eye. I never thought I would be me standing here…doing what I do now.” 

 She looks a little abashed for a few seconds before she clears her throat and looks back at the camera as if daring you to think her bad. “But you know, [ READ MORE…..]

For You, No Charge

Hello Dolls!

OOh we have a bit of a sexeh posty!
Exposeur have a wicked pose prop out at WCF4, and I just had to use it. The Red Light Showcase seats 3 people and includes 13 poses. All I needed was something sexy to wear and some killer heels, which of course are in abundance at WCF, and voila!


For You No Charge - A

For You No Charge - B

For You No Charge - C

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