Your Complications

Ello again Loves! Fancy seeing you here!

What have we for today’s LOTD I hear you ask?
Well, news from {Vision} – S&F, Nyctophilia, and more goodies from WCF4.
Is that enough?
Well how about a side order of LOTI and Glamistry?
Yeah that should do it    。◕‿◕。


Your Complications

Your Complications - Closer

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SHOCK at Skin Fair review

Amity Style


Hi readers! I’m super excited to show you a skin from [SHOCK] Factory that you can find at Skin Fair 2015. It is called Mya and I think it is lovely. This is my first time blogging anything from Skin Fair. I also don’t do a ton of reviews, so I get very enthused to have the opportunity. The fair starts TOMORROW (3/13), but don’t be surprised if it takes you a while to get in. I will update this entry later with the landmark, as we are not allowed to release it yet. There are so many designers and tons of great items.

I was particularly drawn to Mya because of the detail. You know how much I love strong cheek bones, and Mya has that. The noses are particularly gorgeous in my opinion. Make sure to click the image so it will be larger and you can see…

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