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The items in today’s entry are so gorgeous. They make me feel like a modern princess. BYRNE has this gorgeous dress in 3 colors at the Instruments March round. As you can see, I particularly like the materials-enabled version. This tower is an amazing prop from Exposeur; it comes with 5 singles poses and 3 couples poses. The brand always has interesting poses and sets, but I have to honestly say that this is one of my favorites. You’ll find it at the current round of OneWord. Hurry over though, because tomorrow is the last day it’s available.

Dress: BYRNE – MalloryRose for the Instruments
Hair: Truth – Vida
Tower and pose: Exposeur – Fairytale Tower from OneWord
Head piece: LODE – Magnolia II from the Arcade
Necklace: Kunglers – Frida Forever from FashionArt by Inovare

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Shine Bright, Shine Right


(epic music begins)

“You think you have won! What is light without dark? What are you without me? I am a part of you all. You can never defeat me. We are brothers eternal!”

“Actually, that’s not true.  Hate to break it to you since you are the Lord of Darkness and all, but we are all beacons of light.  Sure, some of our lights are much dimmer than others, but the potential to shine bright is there and is waiting for it’s catalyst.
Oh and as far as you being indestructible….
…i love u.”
(epic music scratches to a halt)

That’s my take on how the movie Legend should have ended.
‘Course, it would have been a total flop at the box office and probably ruined Tom Cruise’s budding career.
(There is a God!)
But, the message still stands true.
We are all beacons of light and have the potential to shine bright to lighten and give strength to someone else’s day.
And guess what?
When you shine right (no forced words or fake smiles) which is from the depths of your soul, you glow naturally.
I’ve never mastered the poker face, so when I am going through some sort of pain in my life, it shows.  However, my beacon, even though walled off at the time, finds it’s way through small cracks and tiny crevices shinning outward — connecting to someone who needs it.
Their face changes.
A smile of their own begins to form and because of that, for the moment,
life isn’t so hard.
Not for either of us.

Essences-Skin Fair1 With Fortuna , Rain and Storm

Essences participates in the Skin Fair 2015 with 3 New Skins Fortuna, Rain and Storm
All skin with 6 Tones (Dark 1 and 2, Medium 1 and 2, Pale 1 and 2).
3 Options lipstick Lucky, Rain and Thunder and each with 9 Color Options.
Loud Mouth All Tones – sold separately
Eye brow Removal All Tones – sold separately

Details here: http://mundodashel.blogspot.com.br/2015/03/essences-skin-fair1-with-fortuna-rain.html

This & That

Heeeeey Babes!

Soooo, I have another gorgeous skin to show you!
Elysium have the new skin line Anja out exclusively at Skin Fair and she is gorgeous!
Anja comes in 7 shades & two versions, with freckles and without. I loves –  loves the freckled version, its sooo detailed and the shading is really natural looking, All appliers are also included, and lipglosses are available separately ❤


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This & That

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