Harmony Sandalphon


As you may know, I am a huge lover of fantasy 😀 and I had an awesome time putting this look together! This beautiful dress from :Moon Amore: is the perfect action dress both for RP and photography! I accessorized with the fabulous head piece and bird cage set from *May’s Soul* – the level of detail is exceptional.

Next, check out the AWESOME build I used as my set!

These are RAW, untouched shots and should definitely be viewed larger in the gallery!

Khan’s Keep is a fantastic castle situated in a beautifully made skybox from Dysfunctional Designs. The castle is modest in size yet big enough for medieval living and it includes an outside garden area! Please go and see it in world, it’s the start of the mesh castle update we needed – I’m looking at you Bloodlines clans! Haha.

All three stores offer these…

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