So Addicted

So Addicted

What I’m Wearing

Q Bucket Hat / BUC

Addicted Sweater / PR. @Cosmo

Essential Wraith Joggers / Represent 

Grid Runners Sneakers / Vale Koer @Kustom9

Figaro chain necklace / Kibitz @Kustom9

Rvre Eyebrows / Unorthodox *NEWW*

Vicious Facial Hair  / Unorthodox *NEWW*

Tear the Whole World Down

She Wants The B! A Second Life Blog

I’ve got a wonderful new exclusive pose fair pose from Juxtapose to show you today. She’s put out quite a bit of poses this year, so you’ll definitely be seeing more posts with them. I love the Bond-esque style of this pose and how it accentuates the rest of my look! Shaken, not stirred, right Mr. Bond?

This sexy dress comes in numerous styles and is available from D-Style right now. I chose the styled look to go with my cutie pipe from Dirty Stories. The cigarette textures are interchangeable as well as the rose. It even gives off this puff of smoke in the shape of a heart! How cute is that?!

This new skin from Glam Affair is just absolutely gorgeous. I have absolutely no complaints and it is definitely my favorite skin released from Glam Affair so far! Who knows when I’ll take it off.

My bracelet is…

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The Power Of Love With Fashion For Change

Fashion For Change Logo

(Original Post @ Zooming Ahead)

The Power of Love is a curious thing
Make a one man weep, make another man sing
Change a hawk to a little white dove
More than a feeling
That’s the Power of Love

~ Huey Lewis & The News ~

When this tune first hit the airwaves back in the 80s, I was hooked!
With it’s catchy beat, I would blast it loud and hard not paying any
real attention to the song’s title….The Power of Love.
Not the weakness of love.
Not the obsessiveness of love.
Not the oh my gawd he gets on my damn ass nerves kind of love.
The Power of Love.
Diagnosed as a “powerful neurological condition”,
Love is a force which can move mountains in it’s purest form.
I’ve said it before in my entry Spiritualism and I’ll say it again…
‘Tis all about Love, Precious.

Now that you’re all warm and fuzzy,
I’d like to draw your attention to the second part of this entry’s title.
The Fashion For Change part.

Womankind Worldwide is a little known International charity,
which does profoundly important work helping to challenge discrimination,
inequality and violence towards women in the developing world.
It provides support to local women’s organizations in these countries
as they fight to improve women’s rights and the lives of women in
Africa, Asia and South America.
Fashion For Change (FFC), is a virtual world charity event sponsored by
The Best of Second Life (BOSL) and Miss Virtual World (MVW).
Open until April 25th, FFC is a fantastic two week shopping,
entertainment and high fashion spectacular designed to raise funds strictly for Womankind Worldwide.

Not into Second Life or any other virtual worlds, for that matter?
Not a problem.  You still can participate.
Go directly to the Womankind site, read all about them and if you would like to support their cause, hit the yellow ‘Give a Gift’ button on the home page.

I have dedicated my time to capturing images of the exclusive designs created by well-known Second Life designers for FFC — designers who are
graciously donating 50% and more from each sale.
So, for the next several posts, I will bring to you Haute Couture along with words of encouragement as we put the Power of Love in action ♥

The End Is Nigh

Ello again Lovelies ❤

The End is indeed nigh, or in fact upon us – because SL’s newest event The End has opened its doors!
The End is a quarterly, post-apocalyptic themed sales event, and this opening round is so fahooking awesome, full of bad ass exclusives to wear and to furnish!
Perfect for Roleplayers,  for those looking for something a bit different, or for those convinced there really is a Zombie Apocalypse nigh!


The End Is Nigh - Full

The End Is Nigh A

The End Is Nigh - Close

The End Is Nigh B

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Takin’ 5


Takin' 5 8B_001

Takin' 5 A

Takin' 5 B

Kustom 9 is open with plenty of ways to spend your Lindens. I just love the new release hair by ~Tableau Vivant~ Foxtrot.They say we always want what we don’t have. In the real world frizz is the enemy, yet in SL, a world where perfection is at you fingertips, frizz is amazing! I also picked up a new set of eyes by [Buzz]. They clarity of them is beautiful and I find I am seeking them out at every even I visit now. Just gawjus!

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Foxtrot – Naturals I @ Kustom 9
Skin: Glam Affair – Katra Skin [ America ] 07
Eyes: [Buzz] Moka Eyes – Ice @ Kustom 9
Shape: My Own
Lashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Sweater: Blueberry – Bisquit – Mesh – Sweater Crop Top – White-
Skirt: Bueno – Spring Skirt Mint Floral @ Kustom 9

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