I Could Be Your Punk Rock Princess

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Time to shop at Pose Fair is running out! Get on over and get all the poses from The Pose Shop. They offer many single and couples poses! This is one of my favorites, Frog Prince. It was just so cute I could not resist taking a picture with it. Maybe Khons will turn into a Prince? Nah! Probably not! HAHA. 

This new necklace from Diamante is probably one of my favorites so far. You have the ability to change all the textures with the hud that’s included and if you look close enough, you’ll see inside the heart is swirling. It’s so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off of those hypnotic swirls.

My top and Khons pants are new releases from Delirium Style. What I really enjoyed about the top is that the hud makes this shirt go from cute to creepy in an instant. I chose more…

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