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Mahatma Gandhi
I love this Nyala gown from Lybra. It is so pretty and fun to wear. Each different color is wonderful so I had to show you more of them! First up is the beautiful pink version! and my pictures do not do it justice!
lybra nyala pink_001lybra nyala pink_002
I paired it above with the Love Tango set from Chop Zuey and the hair is from Magika.
Below, is the fun and bold red/zebra print dress.
tameless darla, white widow narcisse_001tameless darla, white widow narcisse_002
I paired this with the Darla hair by Tameless and the Narcisse in gold makeup by White Widow.
Dresses are from Lybra. They were at the FFC event but it closes today but I am not sure what time.
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