Pretty Po!son Gacha Prizes and FREE Group Gift!!

Pretty Po!son has really cute Gacha Prizes with 2 Rares!! Each pull is 100L for a wicked cute dress!!

You can get yours here!!

You can also pick up the really killer Group Gift Too!!
Slink Finger Nails 50 Shades of Bitch, they are soo cool!!

You can pick that up here also!!


~P!P~ Miss. Grande - Pink & Black

~P!P~ Miss. Grande - Red & Black

~P!P~ Miss. Grande - Emerald & Black

~P!P~ Miss. Grande - Coral & Black RARE

~P!P~ Miss. Grande -Rose  & Black

~P!P~ Miss

~P!P~ Miss. Grande - Purple & Black RARE

~P!P~ Miss. Grande - Blue & Black

You can pick up your Slink Nails and Gacha Prizes ($100L A Pull) that up here at this landmark – Just copy and paste into your local chat, click and play!