Shatter in Pieces

Lost in my Imagination

Shattered in pieces

Hai! Good Morning How are you all doing today? Its Monday.. yaay n stuff.. uuufffs. can we just pretend its Saturday and we just all sleep in? Oh well, I’m awake already , Have some coffee put on some jams and start your day!. I’ am , coffee in tow with a pop- tart.. Breakfast of champions.. 🙂  So I’ve had this picture in mind Kinda. I knew that I wanted to style the picture in the desert, I have no idea why but I like desert scenes, Maybe its cause I’m from a pretty much a tree infested environment. The desert to me just has so much beauty in a very solitude kinda way. So one of my Sponsors in Second life is Machoire a kind of new designer but he makes really quirky unique items not like anyone else. He has been in world for a total of…

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Lost in my Imagination


For what ever reason, If You are in a place where negativity sits on your shoulders and it has you in a place in your mind that makes you just think wrongly of innocent people, You really should just take a step back and Think is this the kinda of person I really want to be? I Came to second life in the hopes of meeting people that were liked minded. I have , but I have also met some very confused people, which I think in retrospect most of us understand that people seek out second life so they can be different and hide their disabilities. So they are not judged or have to deal with people feeling sorry for you.  The thing is there’s always that one post that floats around saying everyone is dealing with their own battles to keep that in mind .. Also though we…

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.PENUMBRA. Fashion Week: LaVian




 .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week: May 16 – May 23…


First Outfit

LaVian Prayer Outfit w/HUD

Pure Poison Poison Love Necklace

*Soonsiki* Royals Hair

Zibska Selby Eye Shadow


Second Outfit

LaVian Weather With You Outfit

LaVian Clover Platform Pumps

FINESMITH Big Necklace in Black

Fashionably Dead Immortal Hair

MUA Eye Shadow

Lumae Adore Skin in Pecan