We’ll Find A Way

Ello again Cherubs ♡

Monday is here again, but rather than being blue about it, we could try getting in to The Arcade – haaa NOT! I dunno about you guys but I’m not even going to attempt to get in for a couple of days, I just haven’t got the patience to keep pressing that TP button over and over and over again, and even if the lag doesnt affect me too badly when I get there, the people lag walking through me – does! So no, I will try in a couple of days for the (surprisingly few) items I want to try my hand at.

So, elsewhere on the grid, Shock, Eclipse Art Studio, Magika, !nfinity, Zoz, and FormaNails all have news to keep our shopping (& !nfinity’s case – hunting!) fingers happy ♡


We'll Find A Way 1

We'll Find A Way

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