I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

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For my incredibly lazy (It’s 11am here and I’m still in my PJs) Sunday posty, we have pretties from the gorgeous {Secret Love} and HighRize at Thick in The Streetz, plus there is only a week left of the current round of Secret Affair, where Things have the beautiful Fabia tattoo  ♡


I Wouldnt Change A Thing 1

I Wouldnt Change A Thing

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Tracy Outfit

Tracy Outfit
HUD – 11 Textures for Top
3 Textures for metal parts
Top – mesh – 5 sizes – no need alpha
Pants – mesh – 5 sizes
Slink High Shoes
+ Resize version for other mesh feets (TMP, Maitreya, Lucyshoes….)

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/MLBR%20Trindade/135/88/23
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LIMITED-TIME-PROMO-Alys-Shop-Tracy-Outfit-HUD-Slink-High/7293627

Look Book 173

20150607_2-1 20150607_2-2 20150607_2-3 20150607_2-4 20150607_2-5 20150607_2-6 20150607_2-7 20150607_2-8 20150607_2-9 20150607_2-10 20150607_2-11

Building&Decor: *Cherry house the store room =>NEW Ai Gacha Event

 {C.H}Clapboard hangers-black

 {C.H}Clapboard hangers-copper

 {C.H}Clapboard hangers-pink

 {C.H}Clapboard hangers-white

 {C.H}hangers -black

 {C.H}hangers -copper

 {C.H}hangers -pink

 {C.H}hangers -white

 {C.H}Wrought iron chair-black

 {C.H}Wrought iron chair-Copper

 {C.H}Wrought iron chair-pink

 {C.H}Wrought iron chair-white

 {C.H}wrought Iron Table – White

 {C.H}Wrought iron table-Bronze

 {C.H}wrought iron tables-Black

 {C.H}wrought iron tables-pink

 {C.H}The store house -RARE

Building&Decor: [Toiz] pastel color gacha =>NEW Ai Gacha Event

 [Toiz] banana diffuser

 [Toiz] cleancotton diffuser

 [Toiz] Lavender diffuser

 [Toiz] pastel pics

 [Toiz] pastel astro illustration

 [Toiz] pastel ladder

 [Toiz] basic ladder

 [Toiz] pastel blue house RARE


BB – Bubblez Flower Mix 2

*alirium* tiny forest : sweet


floorplan. welcome blocks

floorplan. sales counter

+Half-Deer+ Minimalist Tree

+Half-Deer+ Deer Planter – White

Soy. Cards display holder [white] set

oyasumi / cash register / black

dust bunny . bunny computer . pink

+Half-Deer+ The Angel Chair (Blush)

llorisen // paint splattered old frame.empty rectangle drift


Brixley – Double Clothes Rack (pink)

Brixley – Double Clothes Rack (light wood)

PILOT – Nail Polish Rack Deux [White]

PILOT – With Love – Nail Polish Rack

+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Square (White)

+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain – Long (White)

{ V I N C U E } Furry+Carpet – Thistle

+Half-Deer+ Messy Rug/Blanket (All Colors)

6 Essentials for the perfect night sleep

Autumn Glow

My essential list for a perfect dreamy night rest!

Here and Now

Shark Tigers!



Hair1: +Spellbound+ Jezebel (Kohana Xue)
Hair2: NEW Truth Ishya -used the bangs- (Truth.Hawks) @ Uber


Dress: NEW {MB} High Priestess (MelonBunny) @ Create your own Tarot Event
Shoe: NEW Yasum Fashion Geta (Azlyn Vaher) @ The Fantasy Gacha


Tiara, Earings: NEW .Keystone. Depth (Aymee Monk) @ The secret affair
Necklace: NEW SYSY Boule de Fleur (SySy Chapman) @ The Fantasy Collective
Bangles, Ring, Upper arm bracelet: NEW Kibitz Chara (Kathya Szczepanski) @ The Fantasy Collective
Nosering: NEW Kibitz Alexys (Kathya Szczepanski) @ We Love Roleplay Jun 4th

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