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Bodysuit | Dead Dollz: Elsa @The Fantasy Collective (June 2015)
I am and always will be a fan of the craftsmanship that Kiddo Oh puts into her designs. This one definitely makes my heart pitter patter! She doesn’t make her clothes to fit a mesh body, but with a few tweaking here and there you should be a-okay to wear them over your Maitreya and Belleza bodies. I would always suggest getting the demo first to make sure it fits your desired shape.

NecklaceYummy: Spring Garden Collection @N°21 (June 2015)

Ring | Yummy: Spring Garden Collection @N°21 (June 2015)

ShoesGlamistry: Parrasana @Kustom9 (June 2015)
Who doesn’t love super sexy high heel shoes? These shoes are so high and so perfect! One of the things I love about heels…

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Color Me Project, Truth Summer Sale, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, New {ZOZ}, Free Gift and More!

Sun June 28 Blog Pic #2_cropped

sat. June 27th Post Pic #5v3hs_cropped

Happy Sunday Fans!  OMG! It is so wonderful knowing that I don’t have to get up for RL work Tomorrow! I won’t be getting up early for the next 7 days, I am officially on vacation!  I will be local for most of the week, but will be away for a little two day trip on Tuesday and Wednesday, so will probably not be in-World either of those days.

 Lilliana’s post is a true Summer look….  Original Blog Post found .:HERE:.

Indulging in a moment of Summertime Melancholia

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

The past week has set my bi-polar disorder a swinging to and fro which as most people know, irritates the hell out of me.  I take things in stride and have managed my emotions through communication with others and listening to my body for years, but stress often sets me a bit off kilter and my meter is reading “TILT” much like an old pinball machine.  The icing on the cake this week was having to go have a sleep study done last night to check out what goes on in the wee hours of the night and why I don’t really sleep.  I haven’t been told what time to go to bed since I was 18 years old and still living at home, so when the technician said, “Lights out.” at 9:30 pm I had a moment of wtf are you thinking, then closed my eyes and said, to…

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