A truly classic look will never go out of style

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A truly classic look will never go out of style

Years ago, almost seems like another life, I owned my own image consulting business where I educated men and women about the different dressing styles, what colors worked on them and how to put it all together and still never feel like you were wearing a costume.  Dressing people, and understanding personal style is always something that has come easily to me, call it a universally given talent, if you will.  To be able to help people get back in the work force who had been away for awhile, or simply assisting the ladder climber in presenting a more professional image gave me great satisfaction.  To see individuals blossom in front of you, comfortable in their own skin and their clothes, no matter their size, economic standing, history etc; was quite rewarding and it is something I have missed over the years.  Being a blogger on SL has allowed me…

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