Ello again Dolls ♡

On another blisteringly hot day (yaaay!) what better time to show you The Plastik’s gorgeous new bikini?
The Zara ‘kinis are exclusive to the new satellite store on Nymphai and are available in 25 rich patterns. They feature bandeau top and low cut pants, held together with metal V accents – beauts ♡

We also have another of {Secret Love}’s brand spanking new releases (I swear Faylinn has a creative rocket up her bum), this one is exclusive to Olala. The Summer Zest Earrings & Necklaces include 5 bead colours and 2 metal options with intricate links and dangly beads – nommy goodness ㋡

Finally my scarf and pose, which I found in my inventory from an event I covered but hadn’t yet used (so many goodies, so little time with these events lol) but I have checked, and the Carefree set, which includes texture change scarf with 3 poses and summer flower with 3 poses is available at the mainstore (female section) ♡

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