Can’t Keep Holding On

Hey Babes ♡

The new round of anyBody has opened its doors \o/

{Vision} – S&F have brand new and rather sexeh lil shirts out for the duration, The Lide shirts are available in 9 colours, with appliers for Omega,, Banned, Maitreya, Belleza, TheMeshProject and Slink Physique included.
You will also find these sexeh lil highwaisted jean shortehs by Wanderlust. The Vintage Shorts are available in 4 denim washes and include Omega appliers ♡

We also have Oh My Gacha opening its doors in just a couple of days, I have already been wearing Alteregos gorgeous gacha skins for the last couple of weeks just to tease ya *winks* but today we also have one of Izzies lil chokers. There are 12 Eternity chokers to play for and each colour includes silver, vintage and copper versions. ♡

Finally, we also  have Hair Fair 2015 opening soon (yaaaaaay!)
Phoenix Hair have a gorgeous new style for THE hair event of the year. Bella is a loosely curled and plaited style slung over the shoulder, perfect for lazy summer days – LOVE ♡
Hair Fair opens 11th July.

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