The juxtaposition of light and colour in the attic

Over the years I have come to call my decorating style “Attic Eclectic” which has always drawn me towards the designs of junk and Scarlet Creative for the outer shell of my skyboxes/homes but on the inside, you can usually find a wide variety of styles, colors, textures and designs with no particular rhyme or reason.  If you take some time and look at the big picture you will find two points repeated throughout every room or design; the first being a complimentary colour scheme and the second being the habitual repurposing of vintage pieces, or, well, almost vintage!  That reusing of materials is what really made the “Attic Eclectic” stick for me, because as far as I am concerned the best place to start looking for your items to redecorate is someone’s attic!  When I traveled to France in my teens I learned what the word juxtapose meant and realized everywhere I looked modern designs were mixed with Louis XVIII extravagance; starkness from the Middle Ages to the dreaminess of Surrealists creating a wonderful juxtaposition that made my heart happy.  This theme has continued throughout my life, and of course into my second one as well.  I think I have redecorated this skybox from junk 100 times now in the last year and I am constantly switching it back and forth between my Carriage House from Scarlet Creative.  Last night, when I opened my goodies from Kaerri I was delighted to find a complete bedroom set that so totally encompassed my theme and I just HAD to show you all!  Let it be known, I risked complete and total computer collapse as I dared turning “Advanced Lighting” on, but in the end it WORKED!!!!!

an act or instance of placing close together
or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.”
The Artemis Collection consists of the Bed, Dresser, Floor Mirror, Hydrangea Topiary, Hydrangea’s in Vase, Lamp, Mirror, Ottoman, 2 Pictures, Rug, Side Table, Vanity Chair and Obelisk Deco, all accented in pure white and deep cobalt blue.  The simple colour palette allows this collection to be used in almost any home, and for me it fit wonderfully with my existing “attic” and decor accessories.  The “Paris” sign and standing Tall Lamp are also from junk but you will have to check the store to see if they are still available.  The delicate lights above the bed can also be picked up at Kaerri’s in her latest complete wedding set, so HURRY on over, I promise you will find exactly what you never knew you were looking for to accent your hearth and home!
Bedroom Set – KaerriArtemis Collection NEW!!! NEW!!! Thank you!!!!!
Wall Sign – junkformer Arcade item
Tall Lamp – junk.
Have a wonderfully wicked rest of your day and remember to always stay true to your style and make today’s fashion trends work for you!

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