Every now and then we all need to let our inner slut out to play

Well I hope that headline got your attention tonight, because I know the Hunt for Your Inner Slut that started on the 15th sure got mine!  After all who doesn’t feel just a little bit trampy skipping around the grid hunting for cock.  Yes, you heard me right, the object to find for the hunt is in deed a perfectly formed cock.  Behave everyone!  These are not the toys, but I am sure you will find all kinds of deliciously naughty items along the way!  The hunt runs until the 15th of August, but with 81 stops along the way you might need ALL the time to make sure you find all the items including this fantastic new creation from NoName exclusively for the hunt!


I absolutely love this mesh, collar and mask combination top with its daring, cleavage baring cutout, and strap detailing and built in posture collar and mask.  The leather is incredibly well detailed and the hot red might have brought out a little bit of devil in me tonight.  I could get into a bit of a rant about the double standards women face when they happen to “date” like men, but I have been silenced by my top *winks*, so I will let it speak for itself!
I have always believed strongly in the old saying, “a lady in the streets and a tramp in the sheets,” but sometimes it’s nice to give a hint about what’s on your mind for the night.   Speaking of which, a certain someone got my attention earlier and I think maybe the feisty devil in me needs to come out to play for the night!  So have a wonderfully wicked rest of your night everyone, I know I will be!
The Details
 Body – MaitreyaLara
Skin – DeeTaleZAnouk
Hair – LambBirdy
Eyes – IKONHope – Industrial
Lashes – Gaeline
Shadow – Sugel Co. – Darkenss Matte
Blush – Shakeup!Deep Blush – InSienna
Earrings – GlintPlugs and Rings
Top – NoNameTramp – Hunt for Your Inner Slut
Pants – 7mad;RavensAlpha Leathers
Ring and Bracelets – B’LEAFEagle
All of the info you need for the hunt >HERE<

264. Kings Never Die

Scar's Closet

264. Kings Never Die

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Top | NYU: Snap-Front Cropped Tee @FaMESHed (July 2015)

PantsAddams: Bermuda Denim Regular & Rolled w/Belt
I couldn’t help but use these shorts again. I have been told that capri pants are meant for old people, though I do beg to differ. As I am not some 18 year old fresh out of high school and bound to attract the likes of young men due to my ass hanging out of my shorts, I decided that these shorts are my favorite. If you haven’t gotten them yet, I suggest you do. The fatpack hud comes with several denim colors as well as buckle and belt options. 

NecklaceCae: Juno @FaMESHed (July 2015)
I do love this necklace from Cae. It comes with several strands with different adornments on each strand. It is simple but…

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