Do They Know?

Ello again Lovely Peeps! ♡

More news from the gorgeous Hollipocket, this time at Manga Fair! \o/
The Sweet Kitteh Tops come in packs of 3, are mesh, and include tons of sizes including 2 unrigged versions – 1 with resizer, for the perfect fit.
The Sweet Kitteh skirts again come in packs of 3, but include 2 versions per colour. They too are mesh and include rigged & unrigged versions.
The Sweet Kitteh panties come in packs of 4 colours, and include system undies layers and Omega Appliers.
All Sweet Kitteh stuffs with be at the Hollipocket mainstore after the event ♡

The Manga Fair is also where you will find this cute lil Bow necklace By {Secret Love}. The Celestial Love necklaces include 9 gems, 9 ribbons & 4 metals, and feature lil moons and star dangles  ♡

We also have Zoz currently at 2 other events on the grid.
The first is a gorgeous new fatpack of  pink & purple polishes at Cosmo. The fatpack includes appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Zoz Nails, so mixing your Mani to your Pedi is simples even when you wear different versions of hands & feet at one time \o/
The second are new heels at Fashiontropic. The Malibu shoes are for Slink High feet  ♡

Happy Shopping!

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