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A moment of silence, please…
Hip hip! Hooray!

& stuff…YAY!

So much excitement for a sad, sad day. Today is the last day of the Hair Fair. In turn, it is also bandana day!

It is a day of no hair to show we care.
Yes, that rhymed.

If you haven’t visiting the Hair Fair yet, you still have a little bit of time. A contribution is made to Wigs for Kids with each and every purchase. Also, 100% of bandana sales are donated to the amazing charity. You definitely need one in your life. Keep in mind they will be destroyed following the close of the event.  So, if you would like a spiffy bandana like mine, or any of the other lovely styles, hurry hurryyy to one of the sims!  🙂

Flair – Hipster Navy Bandana @ Hair Fair
ISON – wrap side dress…

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