Together We Are Stronger

Ello again Loves ♡

The Lexi Project is open \o/ 

If you haven’t heard of the fundraising event in aid of  Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture), she was recently diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  You can read her full story here, visit the Lexi Project blog here, the flickr pool here, and facebook page here.

SL is truly an amazing community and the way people – designers especially – have come together to create an amazing event in which to raise funds for such a worthy cause is truly spectacular.  All of the items sold at the Lexi Project are 100% donation, there hasn’t been a better reason to get spending those L$ in a long time, right?

I have goodies from {Vision} – S&F and !nfinity at the Lexi Project for this evenings post.
{Vision} – S&F have a new release of their gorgeous Zaarra dresses in new exclusive ombre colours, while !nfinity have brand new fringed heels in 2 colours, each including 6 frills and 2 metals.

The Lexi location has been chockablock since opening, so be sure to keep tapping those TP’s, don’t miss this very worthwhile event ♡

In other news, Zoz have a gorgeous new – free – manicure at the brand new sim Zozdom,
Zozdom is an adult, but classy Noir sim, and to grab this gift, and others, just join the Zozdom group and enjoy!

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