Azul Beauty

House of Fashion

The word ‘romance,’ according to the dictionary,
means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real.
Romance should last a lifetime.
Billy Graham

Lovelies, I love to mix and match Azul and come up with different looks with Mami’s wonderful creations so I felt like showing you a couple fun looks by mixing and matching dresses together. I name my new dresses Azul Beauty!

azul beauty_001
Here I combined parts from the Ohana, Issy, Abigail, Maeve, Shino and Sofie dress.
I think it came out looking very nice and below is another fun look I came up with.
azul beauty 2_001
Above I combined-Camille, Claro de Luna and the Nefertiti dress to make  this amazing dress.
azul beauty 3_001
In this dress, I combined Shino, Camille and Anjelique.
azul beauty 4_001
Above, I added K’aalogi, Faith, Sakura and Nefertiti together.
My yellow tourmaline dress looks kinda funky as I didn’t mess around enough with the skirt.
azul beauty 5_001
Above, I combined Issy, Sophie, and Claro…

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