Mesh Body Addicts Fair Has The Fix

Ello again Me Loves!

So, I have news of a brand spanking new event about to open its doors \o/
Tomorrow brings us the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, and its – yeps, you guessed it – for all us mesh body users, centered around both fitmesh items and mesh body appliers.  Actually most of the stuff I have seen so far will also work with the default avatar, but how many of those are still about, right?
It’s not just for us girlies either, there are guys stores too! Cant leave the men out!
There are tons of clothes, tatts, cosmetics, skins, shoes, you name it – if you can wear it with a mesh body, it’s there!
The Mesh Body Addicts fair opens at 12Midnight SLT on Saturday 1st August (mhm – tomorrow – yay!) and I will do my bestest to bring you as many as the exclusive goodies as I possibly can between now and the closing date – 11PM 31st August.

And, that’s not all! There will also be a photo contest throughout the duration of the event. The prizes are amaze ::

Mesh Body Addicts Fair - Photo Contest

You can also read more on the official Mesh Body Addicts Blog  HERE 

Ok, so here is my first pick of the goodies at the MBA Fair, and also some cute lil wedge heels from Bens Beauty, Doe’s newest gorgeous creation at The Gacha Garden, the (OMFG I miss my FayFay) {Secret Love} at Totally Top Shelf and Things’ beautiful new tatt available at Illusion Point ♡

MBA Fair Has The Fix 1

MBA Fair Has The Fix 2

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